Finding Modem drivers and then installing them....

  Kaacee 22:46 28 Jul 2003

As a PC novice i would be grateful for any advice on:

1.Where to find motorola modem drivers ?.

2.Are they free?.

3.How do i install a driver ?.

The reason for these questions is i have been advised to make sure good dial-up connections are made and ensuring i have the latest driver is one way of achieving this.

many thanks

  DieSse 23:02 28 Jul 2003

We can help better if you can tell us exactly what model motorola modem you have, please

  ade.h 23:37 28 Jul 2003

Try click here. Motorola is listed there. Installation is easy if your using XP:
It should find the new hardware and either install the driver or prompt you for it. If this doesn't happen, then right-click My Computer - Properties - Hardware tab - Device Manager. Double-click the modem and click Update driver.

  Kaacee 11:07 29 Jul 2003

Sorry,Modem is Motorola SM56 PCI.OS is windows 98SE

  Lú-tzé 11:34 29 Jul 2003

click here for a possibility

  Lú-tzé 11:35 29 Jul 2003

Or do a search on

click here

  bof:) 11:36 29 Jul 2003

or here

click here


  Maddie 11:55 29 Jul 2003

if you still have probs click on my contact evelope and let me have your e-mail address and i will attach to reply.

  DieSse 14:04 29 Jul 2003

Thanks for the info - I have to say, taht if you are having problems connecting, and not getting good speeds, I wiuld recommend you to get another modem. I have repalced two Motorola SM56 modems recently, with these problmes, and the clients communications were transformed - I suspected the modems due to reading elsewhere about the general flakiness of these models.

However, if yoy want to try a driver update first, go to click here you will see there are different drivers for variations on the modem type. I can't tell which s the correct one, without knowing which you've go!

To try and find out, go to Control Panel - Modems - Choose the second tab in the Window that opens - select the modem - and click the More Information button - see if you can tell which from the info you get back.

Installing a new driver takes a number of steps

Download the file and save it on your system.

Uninstall the Modem software using Control panel - Add/Remove programs (the software for these modems seem to be in there normally).

Go to the new driver you have saved - it's probably zipped - and click on the file you saved - and read any readme files.

As you can see from the other links above, you can take rather pot luck with drivers for older products, that's why you may find it simpler and better in the long run to buy a new, inexpensive, modem, complete with drivers on CD.

  Kaacee 14:14 29 Jul 2003

Very many thanks to everyone that responded to my query,i now know a lot more about modem drivers,where to find them and how to install them (i think) !!

I will mark as resolved.

Again many thanks

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