Finding Microsoft Error Codes

  spuds 12:16 25 Mar 2006

I am trying to find the easy way in translating Microsoft error codes. Been to the Microsoft site, which left me slightly confused with negative results. Tried another good site click here , but again, couldn't find the answer.

The error code that I am trying to find out what the problem is all about : ***STOP:0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X8054AE34, 0XF1A01844, 0X00000000)

Any help will be very much appreciated.

  spuds 13:16 25 Mar 2006

Tried the Microsoft site previously, just had another play around. Still negative results as to the actual code meaning.

I notice that the link that I provide appears to be faulty. This may help click here

  spuds 17:51 25 Mar 2006

Gave it another in-depth try, but still getting negative results. The full coding as above seems to bring ??.Even read up on coding configuration before sending reports to Microsoft, still ???.

Main problem, everytime are start the computer first time of the day, I have a crash with blue screen and various messages. 2nd/3rd start-up and the computer appears to function for the rest of the day without much problem.

Over the last couple of weeks, had more problems than a little with various things. Looks like another complete reformat required (2nd in three weeks), but I would love to get to the route of this problem, before I consider donning the gloves for major surgery.

I'll leave the posting open for a little longer, before I tick the box.

  Press Man 22:30 25 Mar 2006

You can check the Event viewer, a service on windows that logs every application, system errors etc. To reach this, go to your control panel> administrative tools > and open event viewer look under the "System" and it may be showing an error or errors marked with a Red X. It may help in tracking down the fault and its code?

  spuds 10:44 26 Mar 2006

Been in the events viewer previously and again today. Doesn't really tell me anything, except that there is a flag for 'Service Control Manager' or 'Application Error'. Checking into this, and I end up with coding numbers and referal to Microsoft, which then leads me to a deadend.

Yesterday I had a blue screen with 'The service did not respond to the start or command request in a timely fashion'.

Early hours this morning before computer switch off, I did a spring clean using CCleaner, RegScrub and a couple of other things.Started the computer this morning, and all seemed extremely well, the computer started straight up, ran for approx ten minutes, then blue screened with 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_0R_EQUAL' message.
Rebooted the computer, and so far all appears to be working as normal.

Haven't a clue as to what any of these messages mean or imply, but it would be nice to have some form of feedback as to what they may mean, for future reference.

  Press Man 23:09 26 Mar 2006

Have a look at this click here it may give details of what you are looking for.

  spuds 11:03 27 Mar 2006

will have a look at the links shortly.

Same event this morning, with 2 blue screen's after initial start-ups. This time different error message 'PFN_LIST_CORRUPT'.

I run a programme which I downloaded the other day Advanced WindowsCare, it tends to come back with 'No Problems Found' on the large majority of scan results. I do not know if this should indicate that the computer is running perfectly!.

I realise that the only way to perhaps solve the problem in the long term, is to do another complete reformat, but just for the curiousity sake, I would like to find the reason for the problems.

When the computer was taken into the local repair centre recently, the technician was under the impression that a piece of hardware was on its way out, but he was unable to pinpoint what. I am wondering if this as anything to do with part or most of the events!.

  Press Man 15:40 30 Mar 2006

Download memtest86 and run it, could be faulty memory? Or, if you have more than one stick of memory, try one stick of memory at a time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 30 Mar 2006

click here

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