Finding IP for BT homehub used as wireless switch

  Dan Fleet 15:29 15 Dec 2016

Hi all,

So essentially I'm sat at my office desk, and someone has used an old BT Homehub as a wired and/or wireless switch. Which is great.

Problem is that no one knows the wireless password for it, it's not the same as the default one, if I could find the I.P address I could access it via an internet browser. But, seeing as it's being used as a switch, the "default gateway" IP found in CMD is the one for my actual router. I've tried arp -a to try and find the mac address, but it's not on there either. Also, obviously I don't want to plug it directly into our ADSL line because that would mean disconnecting the entire offices internet. Any advice would be appreciated.


  Bris 19:16 16 Dec 2016

Try command TRCRT {ip address of your main router}.

The first IP address should be the address of the switch.

If this doesn't work then log into your main router and go into the DHCP settings. Look first to see if there are any reservations (static IP addresses that are assigned to specific mac addresses) one of them may be your switch, you can try each one by trying to log into it with your browser.

If no reservations then look at the range of IP addresses that are assigned by DHCP, its likely that an early one will be the switch and although its hit and miss try each one in turn with your browser.

Longer term its advisable to reserve a static IP address for the switch in the main router so you dont get the same problem again

  Jollyjohn 13:41 17 Dec 2016

If the above suggestions don't work then there is the long way. The BT Hub, switch, will be transparent to the computers / Router which is why the ip address is not immediately obvious.

The long way is to disconnect the BT hub completely. Do a hard reset via the little red circle or recessed button on the hub. This will reset it to factory defaults. The ip address will then be You will then need to connect a single PC / Laptop by an ethernet cable and set the hub up for use as a here is a good guide.

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