Finding HDD

  joe-wilson 19:31 12 Dec 2011

Hi All, I have just purchased a larger HDD and an external caddy. When I plug everything in my computer beep beeps to say it's plugged in, It then tells me the drivers are loading, and then my USB mass storage is ready for use.

But when I go to my Computer,

It is not there.

I can find drive "C", DVD "D" but NO drive "E" or usb storage ect, So where is it.

I have checked in Control Panel, Device Manager, Disk Drives, and that shows it's there, (Generic External USB DEVICE). On checking properties the disk is called "Disk 1", Type "Unknown", Status " Not Initialized", Partition size "Not Applicible", Capacity "152628 MB" Unallocated, & Reserved space "0 MB"

So it's there somewhere but how can I find it so that I can move everything onto it so that will become my new "C" drive (To replace my current full "C")

cheers, Joe.

  joe-wilson 19:43 12 Dec 2011

PS, I'm running Win 7 with 2gb ram Joe.

  BRYNIT 22:16 12 Dec 2011

No drive letter and not initialized sound like you may need to format the disk and then assign a drive letter. If you are not sure how to do it in disk management you could download EaseUs partition manager click here

  lotvic 00:10 13 Dec 2011

move everything onto it so that will become my new "C" drive (To replace my current full "C")

If you want to do that you will have to clone your current C: to your new HDD

  joe-wilson 00:26 13 Dec 2011

How can I format something the computer isn't showing ??? cheers joe.

  difarn 09:11 13 Dec 2011

A few things to try:-

When you right-click on the Safely Remove Hardware tab is the hard drive recognised there?

Your computer may be trying to assign a default drive letter to your external hard drive that is already in use, usually F or G.

If you haven't yet done this right click on your "my computer" icon on your desktop and go to "manage". Then go to "disk management". After a few moments you should see a list of your internal and external drive show up. See if you can locate your external drive, verify by checking the capacity and check to see what letter the computer wants to assign it. Now check to see if that letter is already in use.Right right click on the white horizontal bar that represents the drive. You should see an option to change the drive letter. Just click on that and change the letter to one that isn't already in use.

It may be because the driver may need to be updated.Look at the manufacturer's site and download up to date drivers.

In drive management uninstall the drive,reboot with the drive connected and force windows to recognize the drive again and install updates or drivers from manufacturer.

Could also be that you have a mapped network-drive on that laptop. Change the driveletter of that mapped-drive from e.g. E: to M: USB-devices only recognize physical drives, such as HD/CD/DVD when they 'pick' a driveletter for themselves Have a look at this article

Right click on My Computer. Choose Manage (This will open the Computer Management window). Go to the Storage category and select Disk Management Right click the new drive (usually listed as Hard Disk 1) and "initialize" You now have the option to partition and format the drive. The default settings of Primary Partition and NTFS- Quick Format are recommended for most users.

Have you tried this Hard Drive on another PC? There is an outside chance that the casing may be causing a problem and that there is not enough power being provided by the usb port. Have you tried different ports.

  mgmcc 11:15 13 Dec 2011

How can I format something the computer isn't showing ???

As you've discovered, the drive is shown in Device Manager (did you mean "Disk Management"?) but not in Windows Explorer. This is because the drive hasn't been partitioned and given a drive letter. Once you've done this, by initialising the drive in Disk Management, it will be shown in Windows Explorer and you will be able to format the partition(s) you have created on the disk.

  joe-wilson 11:58 13 Dec 2011

Hi All,

I've been trying everything offered so far, and no luck.

I have tried the drive on 3 comps, 2 Desktops and 1 Laptop.

I can find it in Disk Management under

DISK 1, Basic, 149GB, Online.

Then in the white box, 149GB UNALLOCATED.

When I right click in the white box I get:

NEW SIMPLE VOLUME... (in dark print)

NEW SPANNED VOLUME... (in light print)





                       (Both Dark)


There is NO choices to INITIALIZE, or PARTITION the drive at all. PLEASE keep on trying, cheers, Joe.

  difarn 13:44 13 Dec 2011

Came across this which says INF files may be missing from Installer

step 1! Go into C:\ and create a folder called usbdriver

step 2! Go into C:\WINDOWS\INF and copy the whole contents

step 3! COPY ALL THAT INTO C:\usbdriver

when you are asked to look for the drivert point it to C:\USBDRIVER and click ok.

If you have any luck then Windows has a partition editor built in - Start -type "create and format hard disk partitions"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 13 Dec 2011

Click NEW SIMPLE VOLUME. (its already initialised if your seeing this)

Windows will then format and assign a drive letter, then you will be able to see it in My computer.

As the others have said if you want to replace your old drive with this one you will need to Clone the old drive to the new then swap them over physically.

  joe-wilson 16:39 13 Dec 2011

Fruit Bat, That seems to be the job. A MIGHTY THANKS PAL.

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