finding deleted files help please

  flightygirl 11:56 06 Jun 2006


this morning my 'gaim' wouldn't work so I re-downloaded it and put it in the same folder I had the old one in - as I am on my work computer, it was in a folder named 'personal' along with all my other non-work related things.

As it installed, it asked me if I wanted to delete the old gaim things and I said yes (since it wasn't working) - but it deleted everything in my personal folder!! I had a lot of files and pictures in there that I really want so can anyone tell me how to get them back??? they are not in the recycle bin

Thanks so much if you can help

  Monoux 12:07 06 Jun 2006
  rawprawn 12:13 06 Jun 2006

Or this click here

  flightygirl 12:47 06 Jun 2006

great thank you :)
it comes up with 20,000 files tho :p any way to narrow it down to what was deleted today?
and will they all still be there when i turn off the computer? (since i have to go out soon)

thanks so much

  flightygirl 17:04 08 Jun 2006

ok I have tried to look through all the files that the programs came out with and I still cant find any of my files :s - any other ideas please?

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