Finding a compatible Graphics Card

  Hercules02 12:33 07 Feb 2015

I'm upgrading my 6 year old computer from Vista to Win 8.1 and it may not support my Radeon HD 4890 graphics card, and Im wondering where I can find out what cards are available for my Gigabyte GA EX58 UD3R Board. Ive never bought a replacement before, and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Paul

  Procrastinus 09:55 08 Feb 2015

This is the Microsoft Compatibility page. You can check out graphics cards here. You are looking for a PCI-Express 2.0 x16 type card.

MS Compatibility

  Hercules02 11:51 08 Feb 2015

Hello Procrastinus Thanks very much for your response. Ill spend some time studying the data in your link and hopefully find something suitable. :o)) Great your username! If everything gets done tomorrow, then you will never be late doing it!

  rtp8™ 01:54 09 Feb 2015
  Hercules02 21:05 10 Feb 2015

Thanks Rpt8 I have already found this driver, but the firm that built my computer insisted that the card wasn't compatible and this is why it wouldn't power on. However, they later said that the problem was the PSU which they replaced. Sadly, :o(((((((( I received the computer back today, unpacked it, and found damage consistent with it being dropped some distance onto a hard surface. The side panel has a large buckle on the bottom corner, and the shock has been enough to split open the PCIE socket carrying the graphics card. Bits of plastic from it were loose inside and the card itself is sitting with all the contacts exposed, held on by the case retaining screws. I don't know what to do, as the repairers say they will probably want it back again, and I desperately need some of the files on the HDD. I don't have another computer available to fit the HDD as a secondary temporarily.

Any suggestions folks?

  Hercules02 21:19 10 Feb 2015

Sorry - Forgot to mention. There was no sign of any damage to the transit carton, which was the same one I used to send it, packed with bubble wrap and plenty of extra cardboard to stop any movement.

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