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  Sparkies2 16:49 15 Jan 2008

Hi .
My mate from work was trying to install AVG anti virus and firewall as a free download this was /is going to replace Norton .
However he un-installed Norton before his down load was complete , well they asked him for the codes which he at this time he didn`t have .
So my question is . Is there any chance of him getting Norton back , then he can complete his AVG download with out being un-protected .?
I hope this makes sense .thanks ...
He has a Dell laptop running Vista....

  sunny staines 16:52 15 Jan 2008

try system restore, or a cloned backup if you did one.

  SANTOS7 16:56 15 Jan 2008

Puzzled here, you don't need codes to uninstall Norton and you don't need codes for AVG free...

  Sparkies2 17:25 15 Jan 2008

Hi Santos

When trying his AVG download it asked to remove any anti-virus which was Norton, then it asked for his key codes ...

  SANTOS7 17:28 15 Jan 2008

I have just uninstalled Norton for a friend of mine and it does not ask for "key codes" so not sure whats going on, gonna find out tho...

  tullie 17:29 15 Jan 2008

Download and save AVG,go offline,uninstall Norton,instal AVG,do a scan.Your mates a bit daft uninstalling one before having the other ready.Use the Norton uninstall tool from Symantec

  mfletch 17:31 15 Jan 2008


It will not do any harm going on the Internet without any Antivirus?

As long as you go straight to the AVG download site and then install AVG,

You should use Norton;s removal tool to completely remove Norton,

AVG Antivirus,click here

Norton Removal tool, click here


  Sparkies2 17:32 15 Jan 2008

AVG asked him to remove his anti virus , then asked for AVG key codes...

  SANTOS7 17:32 15 Jan 2008

Lets go back a step, have you completely uninstalled norton, if not
click here
run the prog in the link..

Then you can download and install AVG free, which you DO NOT need codes for..

  Sparkies2 17:47 15 Jan 2008

Hi Again
He is pretty sure he removed Norton he did by way of the Control panel Add&Remove he thinks it`s gone...

  mfletch 17:50 15 Jan 2008


Run the Norton removal tool,

Norton always leaves something behind


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