Find ip address

  tman16 14:33 29 Jan 2006


I have a network with an xbox and i wanted to find out the ip address of this computer on the network please.

  recap 14:36 29 Jan 2006

Run a Command Prompt and type in ipconfig /all (not the space after ipconfig) this will give you what you require. Do this on each PC.

  tman16 14:39 29 Jan 2006

i tried this but i rememeber what the ip address started with before but its not here. This is because i cleared it by mistake. It there another way please?

  recap 14:46 29 Jan 2006

You could try dhcp realse in a command prompt. Type ipconfig /release once that has release the address type ipconfig /renew again noting the space after ipconfig.

  tman16 15:10 29 Jan 2006

When i try and renew it says the RPC server is unavailiable why is that please?

  recap 15:14 29 Jan 2006

Your ISP may not allow you to release the dhcp.

click here to fnd your IP address

  tman16 15:30 29 Jan 2006

I need the ip address for the network not the internet one. Is there a way to get the network one please?

  bremner 15:33 29 Jan 2006

Go to your Network Connections and choose the Local Area Connection. Right click and choose 'Status' then 'Support'.

Your IP address is there

  recap 15:34 29 Jan 2006

ipconfig or ipconfig /all give you the ip address of the computer you are working on.

Or you could right click Local Area Connection select TCP/IP Properties and look there for it.

  tman16 15:41 29 Jan 2006

Thanks i found them but i type them in and share the internet connection but it says "The RPC server is unavailiable". What does this mean and how do i fix it please?

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