[email protected] 18:11 14 Jul 2004

When Win98 closes after selecting Start/Close, it does it's thing then presents a sort of "Safe to switch off now" message. Is it possible to modify this message and how. Thanks to everyone who helped me with previous Win98 problems.

  Diemmess 18:16 14 Jul 2004

Unlike the real pros on this forum I offer a roundabout way.

Try finding 4756us8.exe on windows support.

Loaded on a floppy it is a self executing file which fixed that problem for me

  GaT7 18:39 14 Jul 2004

I think Diemmess is pointing you in the direction of the Win98se Shutdown supplement, which is explained here click here, & can be d'loaded from click here.

However, you seem to be asking if one can modify/edit the actual shutdown message - is this correct? G

  GaT7 18:47 14 Jul 2004

For a tutorial on how you can replace the shutdown (& startup) screens - click here. HTH, G

  [email protected] 20:08 14 Jul 2004

Absolutely brilliant everyone. Thank you for your help.

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