finally buying a laptop and need advice on choice

  herc182 15:22 20 Jul 2006

dear all,

further to an earlier email, i have narrowed my choice (and increased my budget!) to include these laptops for my decision.
my main requirement is portability and capable of office work with photo editing and light gaming. the mesh looks the most impressive on paper i think. i would very much appreciate a review of the mesh one in particular, and the others.

click here

(not bothered by what is in consumer watch about mesh)

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  Jimmy14 16:13 20 Jul 2006

Acer Aspire 5652WLMi - LX.ABV05.022.
My reason is that it has a dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GEFORCE 7600 256MB) is pretty impressive for a laptop. Can't find a review for it though, still looking. The graphics card on the mesh laptop are below standard and you wouldn't be able to play games on it compared to the acer laptop i am suggesting. Can I ask why you are not bothered about peoples issues and problems regarding Mesh because if you did buy their laptop and never took their customer service into consideration and something went wrong with your laptop you could go through it???

  herc182 16:28 20 Jul 2006

i bought a mesh computer with them before and never had any problems with it or them.

thanks for the recommendation. not too bothered by the graphics card as i really want it for business use and photo editing and watching movies/videos....i originally wanted a compact portable one, but struggled to find one with good specs for a good price!

  Jimmy14 16:53 20 Jul 2006

Now I know why you said the comments about Mesh don't bother you, accepted. Even though you're not bothered about the graphics the one I suggested has great graphics and they won't be going out of date the now because people are still buying them. Let me know if you buy it and if it was worth it, post back. James

  herc182 18:12 20 Jul 2006

will do. thanks.

need to find some reviews now....

  sean-278262 19:11 20 Jul 2006

Personally I would take the latter option from acer. I have purchased from aka in person. Was a pleasant experience. Would also say they were so polite as to let me check the machine in the store for a few minutes to make sure all was working and intact.

I would go for the acer as they have an international warranty. A few months ago my hard drive failed but called support and the next day a courier had arrived and picked it up from my parents house in Ireland.

You are better served picking the acer as for one it is a smaller unit. lighter and trust me when moving these things do feel heavier. Also the acers graphics card means you can play games better and video editing will be clear and crisp. Finally I will say a 15.4inch wide screen acer just about fits the space provided on Jet2, Ryanair or any economy spaced flight, on your lap (and I aint a big guy!) so forget about using 17inches on a plane!

  sean-278262 19:12 20 Jul 2006

Forgot to say checking the machine in the store entailed charging it too!

  Strawballs 19:38 20 Jul 2006

If you can check the machine first I would try to find out what sort of plug it has for charging and AC power because through my experience with my HP and this thread click here I would try to avoid the one's with the single pin in the middle on the machine.

  sean-278262 19:41 20 Jul 2006

Strawballs, on the opposite side of the spectrum I have had 9 laptops all with pins in the middle on the unit and every one left my hands in 100% working condition. Never been a problem. However Im sure smaller power plug units may be a lot more prone to this.

  FatboySlim71 21:01 20 Jul 2006

Try Evesham, there a well respected firm, excellent award winning customer service, top quality systems as well. I had a bad experiance with Mesh once, so I would not recommend them, but there are many complaints about Mesh, try putting Mesh complaints into your search engine. I have an Evesham PC, I bought it due to recommendations by numerous friends/workmates regarding Evesham PC's, they all said that their customer service is spot on and their systems are A1 quality, so what more can you ask for.

  herc182 22:21 20 Jul 2006

thanks guys. all good info. i am now very tempted by the acer machines based on Creature of the Nite experience. would be great to try it out before taking it home! and i like the warranty you speak of. To be honest 17" is too big and not massively portable.

tried evesham but they were too expensive. the same was the case with dell.....

thanks....any reviews welcome

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