finalising a dvd so that it will play on tv

  bendigo 16:25 29 Jul 2014

In the past I have finalised video dvds' so that I could play them on tv. I cannot remember how I did it and my windows 7 guide-book does't help. Can anyone out there ? Thanks in anticipation, Bendigo.

  rdave13 17:15 29 Jul 2014

Try DVD Flick . It also comes with a guide in PDF.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 29 Jul 2014

What burning software are you using?

  lotvic 22:13 29 Jul 2014

how to finalize CD/DVD - general info: click here

  bendigo 11:43 30 Jul 2014

thanks to the three 0f you. I'm using dvdflick on my windows7 pc. their instructions are not very user friendly! The general instructions on how to finalise a dvd advise selecting 'my computer' and right clicking on the disc image and selecting 'close session'. unfotunatly this command does not appear among the options. I'll have a look at some other sites. If the above info prompts other comment I would appriciate it thanks again. Bendigo.

  lotvic 15:44 30 Jul 2014

dvdflick uses ImgBurn to burn to DVD

  lotvic 15:48 30 Jul 2014

Perhaps you will find this simple guide useful ClickHere It shows DVDFlick going through the processes and you can see 'Finalize' as listed last in the stages - see bottom two pictures.

  rdave13 18:53 30 Jul 2014

It could be your DVD player is not compatible to play these discs.

  rdave13 18:54 30 Jul 2014

Another thought, it won't work with RW discs.

  lotvic 20:04 30 Jul 2014

I'm wondering how the OP knows the DVDs aren't finalized.

  bendigo 16:52 31 Jul 2014

thanks to everyone who replied. I'm going to tell enyone who wants to look at the videos to come up to my den and watch on my pc!. I'm a simple soul who can cope with most things. But not this. This is the end of this topic.

Thanks again, Bendigo

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