final year project - learning asp - confusion

  tomleady 11:18 06 Oct 2004

I've only just started doing it, but I've become quite confused as whether to use JavaScript or VBScript. the more I read on the net, the more confused I get.

I dont know any ASP, so whether i have to learn VB or JS isnt that big a deal to me, I'll just have to learn it.

But what I'm more concerned with is whether one is more common, or has major benefits than the other. I've read that VB (i think) only works on IE.

is that right?

sorry, but I'm quite confused, so before i go any further with tutorials and stuff, i'd like to know for sure that if i do JS or VB, it will be the right choice.

anyone help me clear this up?

Thank you,

  tomleady 11:19 06 Oct 2004

i should probably point out that i'm doing a little library-type service where people view the resources available and request to borrow them.

and i also aim to create a admin section where the client can update/edit the stock list.

  Baledor 12:18 06 Oct 2004

VBScript, and use JavaScript for client side processing, form validation etc

VBScript (ASP) will take the input provided by the users of your wwebsite, perform any server side processing and return the page to the user, hence your library, where you will also need a back-end database.

  tomleady 17:03 06 Oct 2004

cheers for that Baledor.

is VB supported by all browsers?

are there any major pitfalls i should be aware of when starting out?

  Gaz 25 18:33 06 Oct 2004

but so does every programming language.

  Taran 01:09 07 Oct 2004

I've been coding ASP applications for years (pre Windows 98) and I honestly can't report any major hurdles to overcome. I also think you need to fully understand what ASP is and how it works - if you do then many of your other questions will be answered by default.

I'm not sure what the pitfalls are that Gaz 25 mentioned; like every other programming language, ASP relies entirely on the person writing it.

ASP is simply a series of instructions to your web server. The generated output of an ASP file is normally displayed in the web browser. This output is usually HTML or XHTML.

VBScript is, in fact, the absolute core of ASP and is more or less the standard most coders work to. You can use JScript but there is no real advantage to doing so. VBScript ASP is interpretted by the web server and output produced. You really have to keep that at the front of your mind at all times. You are not client-side coding, you are server-side coding and as such your VBScript ASP files will be asking your web server to do a bunch of tasks and display something once finished.

That is a vast oversimplification but it does hold true for probably 99% of your ASP programming.

Most of the tutorials you will find will centre on VBScript ASP and most commercial use follows that trend.

As far as browser support goes, it is the output of your ASP files you need to worry about, not the ASP code iself. Web browsers will never even see the actual ASP - the web server handles that. All current visual web browsers will cope with ASP pages, whether you used VBScript of JScript. Some browsers will fall over though, if you output to poorly coded HTML/CSS.

ASP is a very mature platform and is capable of seriously high-end applications. It also shares a lot of common ground with Visual Basic so if you have a rough understanding of that or of programming any of the Office applications (complex Excel macros for example) you have a good start on ASP.

Feel free to ask if you get stuck. I like ASP and if it wasn't for the more common Apache web server environment I'd do most of my web application programming in ASP out of choice.

  tomleady 09:33 07 Oct 2004

thanks for that Taran.

i'll be using VB then, i might aswell do the common one.

i've used Visual Basic, but not for about 4 years, so i might have to revisit it.

i know i'll be needing some help on here in the next few months!

thanks again.


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