Final help needed in purchasing a Tablet!

  spuds 18:48 01 Aug 2013

Apologies for this, but I have asked various questions on the subject of purchasing a Tablet, having purchased a 'cheapo' unit, and then having poor results. But that's probably me, losing patience with the device.

So hopefully someone can lead me in the final direction for a purchase. I have tried two retailer's, but they seemed more set in suggesting something that is well above my purchase price level or possible ultimate requirements.

I have selected four models which are from the Argos catalogue range. (1)Samsung Galaxy 2 (Argos cat. no 814/1208) (2) Samsung Galaxy Tab (cat. 814/1198) (3) Asus Nexus 7 (cat. 107/9061) (4) CNM Touchpad 10.1 screen (814/0663). All have the 7" screen except the CNM, if possible I would a larger screen, if this improves viewing.

Argos Outlet have quite a large range of CNM Tablets on offer, possibly due to new catalogue last weekend. CNM seem to have reviews both good and perhaps not so good?.

Any help on this final decision would be very much appreciated, as to what model would be my best option, upto a price range of £160.00 give or take. Argos preferred but not, but not essential?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 01 Aug 2013

I recently bought the Nexus 7 and am very pleased with it

cons -

no forward facing camera (but if I wanted to take pictures I would use a normal camera)

no SD card slot (overcome by purchase of an OTG cable and Media importer App £2.68 and £2.35)

Pros - robust excellent screen and viewing angle lots of apps available.

  Batch 08:08 02 Aug 2013

I second FB's comments. I've had a Nexus 7 32GB since December and very pleased with it.

Being a Google branded product, it gets OS upgrades quickly (Android 4.3 has just come out and I've already received the update). Contrast with other Android devices (non-Google) where it is up to the device manufacturer to decide when (if ever) to release latest OSs to their devices. Not least because they have often tweaked the OS and so need to revisit that and make changes beforehand.

I'd recommend the 32GB version. 16GB might just cut the mustard, but 8GB is too small. Esp. bearing in mind no plugin card slot. OTG option (that FB referred to) works but is clunky (pen drive on end of a short cable).

NOTE: Nexus 7 V2 has just been announced. Has forward facing camera, even better screen and other small improvements. Of course, this may mean that the old stocks of the V1 may be sold at good prices.

  BT 08:22 02 Aug 2013

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

I find it excellent and its well in your price range. Amazon and Tesco Direct have it for about £140.

  spuds 10:11 02 Aug 2013

Thanks everyone.

I have been looking further into the Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB and some possible negative comments raised in a review. The slot question seems to be an issue with some people, even though it can perhaps be overcome by purchasing further items. The second point was the possibility of leaving the Nexus idle, which could lead to a problem of an indication of a short life battery. There appears to be a remedy around this, if you follow a certain sequence of button pushing. I mention this, because I have the nasty habit of not using things like this on a daily basis, which could lead to problems?.

  rdave13 10:18 02 Aug 2013

That's the tablet I went for. It's just updated the android version. See fruitbat's thread. I have mine on all the time and have had no problems with it. Not bad for £179 with 2 year guarrantee.

  rdave13 10:20 02 Aug 2013

Just another thing, it has no rear camera.

  rickf 10:21 02 Aug 2013

I have a galaxy note 10.1 and have found it to be excellent. May coast you just a few quid more but worth it when you need more intensive work with the device as it's quad core with 2g of ddr3. If you buy from Tesco Direct choosing refurbished items it's not expensive, Have not check the prices recently but it's coming down fast because of the new Note 8. Got mine refurbished from Tesco, came with everything, original box and looks totally new to me. Also comes with 12 months warranty.

  spuds 10:22 02 Aug 2013

The other point that I forgot to mention, is the release date (?) for the Google Nexus 7. Some very recent adverts seem to suggest that stocks of version 2 are already available, but looking into this further, this appears to not be the case, because the PCA review is suggesting 28 August 2013 for Ebuyer and September for PCW/Currys. The same might apply to Argos, because they are listing their catalogue product as a new entry, which might give the indication that this was a version 2 product?.

  Peter 10:34 02 Aug 2013


I too have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I got it free when my wife got a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini at Carphone Warehouse.

As with BT I too find it excellent.


  spuds 10:47 02 Aug 2013

Thanks everyone for the input so far. I have a number of websites open regarding prices, delivery, warranties, discounts and special deals etc.

Its still bugging me though, about the Asus Google Nexus 7, because it would appear that version 1 and 2 are in the same price range, its just supply the problem, and which model is available?.

The reviews on the models I first mentioned in the intro, all seem to have a 5 out of 5 rating by users. Hence my initial choose. A few pound here or there isn't going to break the bank, but I want to be sure its going to tie in with my limited requirements. Reading 700.000 applications, can be rather scary !.

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