Final help needed in purchasing a Tablet!

  spuds 18:48 01 Aug 2013

Apologies for this, but I have asked various questions on the subject of purchasing a Tablet, having purchased a 'cheapo' unit, and then having poor results. But that's probably me, losing patience with the device.

So hopefully someone can lead me in the final direction for a purchase. I have tried two retailer's, but they seemed more set in suggesting something that is well above my purchase price level or possible ultimate requirements.

I have selected four models which are from the Argos catalogue range. (1)Samsung Galaxy 2 (Argos cat. no 814/1208) (2) Samsung Galaxy Tab (cat. 814/1198) (3) Asus Nexus 7 (cat. 107/9061) (4) CNM Touchpad 10.1 screen (814/0663). All have the 7" screen except the CNM, if possible I would a larger screen, if this improves viewing.

Argos Outlet have quite a large range of CNM Tablets on offer, possibly due to new catalogue last weekend. CNM seem to have reviews both good and perhaps not so good?.

Any help on this final decision would be very much appreciated, as to what model would be my best option, upto a price range of £160.00 give or take. Argos preferred but not, but not essential?.

  Ian in Northampton 20:38 01 Aug 2013

I'd tend to go with a known brand - i.e. Samsung, in this case. CNM stuff may be great - but you say yourself, you've had a poor experience with cheapo units, and a 10" screen for £160 qualifies as 'cheapo'. For your budget, I'd stick with the 7". Yes, 10" screens are more usable - but you're looking at increasing your budget by £100. You can't expect a BMW at Skoda prices... :-)

  spuds 10:29 02 Aug 2013

IiN, thanks for the response.

It would appear that I have two posts running on the same article, so i will close this one.

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