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  kalignorgna 12:37 03 Oct 2008

Hi all looking for a website filter software program to run on my main pc wich is conected to the net via wire as i'm plaining to use it as a server to the over pc's in my house and my mac for net access it will be a wireless network. i've seen sevral programs allready but have'nt herd of them before so wanted to know if anyone has herd of em or know of any good website filter's

these are the one's i have found
1: Facetime RTdiscover
2: System Surveillance Pro 5.5 ('s top find)
3: Blue coat web filter
4: Havecrest cyBlock web filter (trial)

any info u have would be appreciated, free software would be preferable though as i can't afford to pay a lump sum for the software

thanks in advance Kali

  Halmer 21:01 03 Oct 2008

click here I use this and it is superb and best of all free. It is flexible and best of all it actually works without being at all intrusive.

Give it a go on both XP and Vista.

I assume by filtering you mean filtering out porn, malware, gambling etc etc.

  Halmer 21:02 03 Oct 2008

Shouldn't really have had two 'best of alls'.

Getting all enthusiastic about IT which is a bit worrying.

  kalignorgna 23:44 03 Oct 2008

mostley malware sites I don't want family to go on dogey site's and so on expecally as at the moment they are using my main computer to access the internet wich means i'm runing AV and stuff far to often by my count. yes that link is the same on I found but might wait and see if the thred gets any more hits before installing

  kalignorgna 23:45 03 Oct 2008


  kalignorgna 09:31 14 Oct 2008

created account with K9 downloaded and installed but i can't open the program it just opens FF and says can't get access to IP address. how do I fix this????

  kalignorgna 22:59 14 Oct 2008

also i tryed to uninstall but for sum reson it would not aspect the password i set i've tryed 2 request a new one about 5 time's and nada????

  kalignorgna 23:01 14 Oct 2008

ment "reason it would not accept"

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