Filmscan2000 and WindowsXP and 'Tvichw32 Driver Op

  sheila.weston 17:05 14 Mar 2003

I am trying to get my Black Widow Filmscan2000 to work with the new Windows XP PC. Someone has sent me three drivers: Filmscan2000.exe, Filmscanwin2000beta.exe and Filmscanxpoem.exe. I understand that the last one is for WindowsXP.

I have put all three drivers in C:\WINDOWS\OEMdriver\Filmscan2000.

I installed all the BlackWidow components, including the old driver, but my computer will not recognise the scanner. When I go to FILE>SELECT SOURCE I get:'Tvichw32 Driver Open Error'.

I have found this driver in the WINDOWS\twain_32\usbfscan directory (which includes the filmscanxpoem.exe file). What do I do now?

  MAJ 17:10 14 Mar 2003

If they are .exe files as you've indicated, put the correct one on your desktop and double click it. It should install itself.

  birkdalite 17:55 14 Mar 2003

sheila Sorry not to have answered your e/m had a major problem with m/board now replaced under guarantee.Unfortunately i had forgotten that the original driver disk I have does not function with XP. I have tried all the alternatives that you have tried without success, so have decided to cut losses and have sent money for new disk. It goes against the grain, having had the scanner from new but at the moment it is an expensive piece of gear for the sake of £15. I just hope it works properly when I get it !

  sheila.weston 20:05 14 Mar 2003

Good point Maj, but I sent a shortcut to the desktop and double-clicked. The install screen came up and all went well. I then went into Photoshop and clicked on 'Acquire'. An error message came up: USB for windows is not initialised. And Windows Explorer does not show the extra drive, either.
What does this mean? I have tried changing USB connections and the same thing happens.

  birkdalite 12:06 15 Mar 2003

Sheila I have today received the £15 driver disk for Filmscan 2000. Came quickly, well packed, but unfortunately sans instructions and I am completely flummoxed!Will have to try to phone them on Mon.for some simple guidance. Will keep you posted Roy

  sheila.weston 17:46 15 Mar 2003

Hi Birkdalite, what a lot of hassle about the Motherboard. You were lucky to get it replaced so quickly.

Can you keep us posted about how to use the XP driver. What is the name of the driver you were sent?

  birkdalite 18:38 15 Mar 2003

Sheila Have just e/mailed you the opening screen see if you can make head or tail of it

  sheila.weston 22:42 15 Mar 2003

I can't, except could you copy all the files to a folder and then right-click on the filmscanxpoem, and send it to the desktop as maj suggests and follow the onscreen setup. Then go into Irfanview etc and click on file and select source or import or acquire (depending on program) and see what happens. The plot thickens!
Has anyone else any ideas?

  birkdalite 19:55 17 Mar 2003

refresh please

  sheila.weston 21:27 19 Mar 2003

Sorry, but what do you mean by 'refresh'? Start another thread?

  VoG™ 21:37 29 Apr 2003

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