machoe 17:34 07 Sep 2004

Hello, I download a lot of films and every film that I play is getting stuck. Like for example I play the file, it starts playing but then it will get stuck for about a minute then continue playing for about 10 seconds then it gets stuck again. I formatted the computer about two times because of this but the films stayed the same. Can someone please tell me what could be wrong? Thankyou

  THE TERMINATOR 20:27 07 Sep 2004

do you have enough memory? Is your hard drive fragmented?..TT

  john-232317 20:36 07 Sep 2004

Are you downloading them or are you just watching them through streaming and getting buffer underrun ?

  john-232317 20:39 07 Sep 2004

Just found this link.....

click here

  machoe 06:55 08 Sep 2004

Terminator I have enough memory, I have about 30-20 Gb left.

dadyassa I'm dowloading the films. And I'm trying to work on your link

  Forum Editor 07:12 08 Sep 2004

Can you tell us where you are downloading these films from?

  machoe 07:15 08 Sep 2004

I'm downloading them from a p2p program (BITTORRENT)

  CurlyWhirly 07:36 08 Sep 2004

I personally don't bother with P2P as you will more than likely get infected with viruses or spyware as I have found out from bitter experience.

  €dstowe 08:33 08 Sep 2004

Take money from pocket and buy the DVD. Much safer for both you and your computer and you don't get the problems you are experiencing.

  machoe 12:26 08 Sep 2004

€dstowe it's useless buying a DVD because I had videos that were playing good, but know when I tried them, all they did is getting stuck. So I think the problem is coming from the computer and not from the video

  cga 14:03 08 Sep 2004

A number of issues here:-

1) you were asked about memory and replied that you had 30-40Gb. That is storage - what abbout system memory?

2) How fast is your link and what is your system?

3) What else is running at the same time.

4) The point that CurlyWhirly & €dstowe make about P2P needs to be taken seriously. Assuming the problems you are having is on your own system this quite likely because of malware downloaded from your P2P site using up systems resources.

5) Have a look at system performance in task manager and see if you can see what is eating up your resources when this happens.

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