film files to big to burd

  DrLector 07:26 27 Apr 2007

i have some film files (avi) mainly but thay are to big to burn ,thay are about 1.95GB and 1.35GB
even one at 699MB was to big.
I get the same massage each time to say that the files are too big to burn, i use dvd creator and unlead dvd movie factory wich trys to shrink the film size but it still isnt enuff to get it onto a disk.
Is there anyway of srinking film fils that are on my hard drive ?

thanks for any help.

i would allso like to piont out that the film files are legal and NOT eligal downloads

  Technotiger 07:58 27 Apr 2007

Hi, try this free program ...

click here

  Technotiger 08:01 27 Apr 2007

Or - try one of these courtesy of Google ...

click here

  MAJ 08:13 27 Apr 2007

a 700mb AVI file should be okay to fit on a 4.7GB DVDR when encoded properly. The 1.35GB AVI file might fit on a dual-layer DVDR when encoded, but I'm not sure about a 1.95GB AVI file, I've never tried to encode one that size. DVDShrink wont be able to do anything with the AVI files, it works with DVD files (VOB). Try DVDFlick click here to encode the small AVI, also try different compression settings to encode the other two. It works well and is free.

  FatboySlim71 08:40 27 Apr 2007

I use Convert X To DVD, this program converts the AVI video file into the correct format for DVD and also with this program you can tell it what type of dvd you are putting it onto, i.e, dual layer or the standard 4.7GB and then convert x to dvd will do the rest for you. Ive used Convert X To DVD for quite a while and its an excellent program, never lets me down.

click here

  eedcam 09:02 27 Apr 2007

Curious why wont a 700Mb file fit on a 4.7GB disc.or for that matter a 1.5 Gb file? could some one explain please.I can put an hours dv-avi which is the least compressed and 13gb on to a single layer disc so cant understand why these smaller files wont go on As for burning to dvd you could try this freebie
click here

  wee eddie 09:24 27 Apr 2007

You mention the two pieces of software that you are using but don't mention what format of DVD Writer you are burning to.

  MAJ 12:12 27 Apr 2007

An hours DV-AVI file should go on to a 4.7GB DVD okay, eedcam, but what sort of compression and file type are you using to get 13GB on to a 4.7GB DVD? I've never used that size of file before but would be interested to know. Surely it can't be in a file type capable of being played on a standalone DVD player?

  anchor 12:36 27 Apr 2007

The method I have been trying successfully is import the avi file into the free Windows movie Maker, edit if necessary, and save as best quality for play on computer. This saves it as a wmv file.

I then import this in to the free programme, "DVD Flick":

click here

The necessary conversion is done, makes the DVD, and it also burns it to a DVD disc. The results have been equal to the video from my Sony digital camcorder.

Suggest you use DVD-R which seem to be the most compatible with standalone DVD players.

  eedcam 12:49 27 Apr 2007

Hi Maj firstly I wouldn't usually make an hour long home movie certain way to lose friends .I would edit and author in Adobe premiere and burn to disc it is exactly the same format as a n ordinary Dvd Vob files etc., and plays the same menus chapters titles etc.,. . When you consider max quality on a dvd is hour though further compression to get 2hours is 2hours is acceptable by most people. I am as curious as to the difficulty getting a mere 1.9Gb file on to disc. Perhaps you are talking about keeping the file as avi which may be a differrent ballgame. Though avi means nothing unless which type of avi it is some are more compressed than othes again dv-avi being the least compressed

  MAJ 13:11 27 Apr 2007

There's no problem getting 1.9Gb of vob files onto a DVD, eedcam, it's when it's a 1.9GB avi file that has to be encoded to vob that the problem arises I would imagine (I've never used an avi file of that size). My avi files are in the xvid format and are usually from 350MB to 700MB in size, I can get 3 of those 350MB avi files on one 4.7GB DVD, quality is very good. I use Nero to encode and burn those avis to DVD, I have used DVDFlick as well to do the same thing just as a test. I imagine they can also be imported into Windows Movie Maker, which when outputted as wmv files can also be burned to DVD using Nero or other burning software which will encode at the same time. I think the latter method might solve DrLector's problem with the 1.9GB avi file.

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