Filling in a form sent in pdf format

  ajliddle 13:53 30 Mar 2005

I have downloaded a form in Adobe pdf format from the website of a major organisation. I could just print out the form and fill it in by hand but since the form is in an electronic format already, there must be a way of typing responses into the boxes. I could then email the completed form back to the organisation. Is there a way of doing this without paying £200 for the Adobe Acrobat editor.

Any suggestions?

  recap 13:56 30 Mar 2005

You could try copying it into Word to edit it.

  dogbreath1 14:22 30 Mar 2005

The following prog is free to download and is fully functional (at least it used to be- check it out) for 14 days prior to deciding whether to purchase or not.
click here

  TomJerry 14:51 30 Mar 2005

if the form is a "static" form, you can not "edit/fill" it even you have Adobe Acrobat (£200 editor you refered to)

if the form is a "dynamic" form generated buy the proper Acrobat form command, then you can fill it in even you only have free Adobe Acrobat Reader

so, all depend on how the form is designed and generated, nothing you can do about it

  Chegs ® 15:04 30 Mar 2005

I had reason to try exactly what your asking(and I already have Adobe Distiller to create .pdf's)Most .pdf's are "locked" by their creators to stop you from altering them.I eventually found that if I copy/pasted straight into word,I could only get either the text(no tables,etc)or the pics.I eventually created a jpeg of the form,editted this then converted it back to .pdf.More work than manually filling out the form in the first place. :-)

  Alan2 15:55 30 Mar 2005

I have just loaded a pdf file into Paint Shop Pro, cropped out any extraneous borders or blank space then saved it as a jpeg file.

In Word I opened a new document and did a series of [enters] down the page (explained later), returned the cursor to the top then "inserted" the jpeg file. Right click on the file and select "format picture", click the "layout" tab and select "Behind text".

The picture then goes behind the previously entered "blank text" so you can then tab across to any position where you wish to make entries.

I suppose other graphics packages can also make the conversion.

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