filling all memory slots on mobo

  pookie 13:30 09 Sep 2005


windows xp home, asus a7n8x-x mobo (single channel). mobo has 3 memory slots taking max 3Gb. i have 2 slots filled - each with 512Mb pc3200. i'm thinking of adding another 512mb stick in remaining available memory slot but have read that it's not advisable to fill all your memory slots. i don't understand this but have you any views. for info adding extra 512mb for gaming (thinking of fear/etc when released)

many thanks


  ACOLYTE 13:35 09 Sep 2005

I dont see the point of having 3 slots if you cant fill them,if the mobo supports 3 gig then it should support 1.5 no problems,and as for the gaming i doubt you will see a lot of difference in the game speed with the extra 512,but i dont know the games specs,so cant say what it will need to run.

  ashdav 14:10 09 Sep 2005

I've not checked up on your particular mobo but the general rule seems to be that you can use 3 slots with 333Mhz ram (pc2700) or only 2 with 400Mhz ram (pc3200). There is also usually a limit of 3Gb with pc2700 and 2Gb with pc3200.

  ACOLYTE 14:15 09 Sep 2005

That doesn't make sense,I'm sorry but you buy a mobo to support 3 gig's of ram up to 400mhz so you should be able to put that in without problems.If not then there is something wrong.

  jack 15:41 09 Sep 2005

I am beginning to suspect that the various component manufactures of the bits that make up a MoBo and/or the mobo makers have not really sorted the text of the manuals supplied. Like it is the data from each supplier cobbled in to a single document.
As with Pookie my Foxxcon 64 bit board says 'supports upto 3 Gbyte RAM', elsewhere it says refrerring to RAM Supports '512 Mb technonology.'
There are 3 slots. 512 x 3 =1536 Mb max
Where does the 3 Gb come in? I am certainly not going to buy 3x1GB sticks to find out even if they exist.

  gudgulf 16:29 09 Sep 2005

There are some boards that don't like having double sided memory cards in all the slots,others that will run only at low memory speeds with all the slots full and some that will run with all the memory slots full with whatever you like in them at full speed.It's all to do with how good the memory controller on the mobo is.In general you can run tighter memory timings and/or overclock further if you only run two sticks of memory, as that way you don't oversress the memory controller.

I have an Asus p4p800 deluxe that is running with 4x512MB double sided memory modules quite happily at DDR400 speed...well actually it's overclocked to 222FSB (DDR444)

According to the manual for your board you should have no problem adding another 512MB stick to the empty slot.......however there is only one way to find out for sure.

As for game performance, you wont notice any frame rate increase but for games that load massive amounts of textures and data into memory (such as Doom3 on ultra-high detail settings)the extra ram can smooth out your gameplay considerably.

  GaT7 16:33 09 Sep 2005

See this info click here
on the A7N8X-X - No limitations on filling the 3 slots:

Memory: DDR 400 / 3 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets / Max. 3 GB unbuffered PC3200/PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 non-ECC DDR RAM Memory

I went to have a look at the PDF manual but there a many versions of it! click here. G

  pookie 20:56 13 Sep 2005

many thanks guys and sorry that i've not got back sooner


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