Fill Handle in Excel

  powerless 16:02 07 Aug 2004

Where is it Vog?

I've highligted some cells but I'm bot seeing the fill handle.

  powerless 16:17 07 Aug 2004


But it didn't do what I wanted it to do or maybe I did it wrong?

I want a list of dates going all the way down in the format of [if possible]...

Monday 02/8/04

Tuesday 02/08/08

I though from reading the help files [I did read 'em honest] that using the fill handle would save me alot of typing.

Where I go wrong?

  powerless 17:36 07 Aug 2004

Right, that's working...But English (United Kingdom) did not give that option *Wednesday, 14 March 2001?

The trinidad one did?

2 More questions, is there a way for excel to expand all cells so that it fills a page of A4 because at the moment it's all small when it prints.

...and how do i get excel to print the cell lines [borders?], as it only prints the text.

  powerless 17:52 07 Aug 2004


It all works :-))


VoG™ ;-))

  powerless 17:57 07 Aug 2004

Cells H2 to H31 are to be "added up" with the total in G32,33 and H32, H2 [I merged the cells].

From school i remeber =a1+a2+a2

There is an easier way i know, where would i find it?

  powerless 19:01 07 Aug 2004

Cells G32, G33, H32 and H33 has now become one big cell.

Anyway...It is now working like i want.

But :-( I've somehow got macros cannot run because security settings message evertime i open the file.

  powerless 20:27 07 Aug 2004

Hmmm alt-f9 appears to do nothing.

Lowering the settings gives another message about macros are on this workbook and would i like to disable or enable them.

  powerless 16:45 08 Aug 2004

hmm i don't see a modules folder.

  powerless 19:54 08 Aug 2004

Has now been dealt with, sorry to see him but he just had to see my .xls didn't he ;-)))

All sorted now.


  powerless 13:32 21 Aug 2004

[vog remember the file i sent you?]

Well I've just entered a figure of 1.75 and excel then changes it to 1.8 - So it's rounding up?

How would I stop this?

  powerless 13:51 21 Aug 2004


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