Is FileWing Pro better than Recuva?

  Muergo 15:38 26 Dec 2011

FileWing Pro is being offered free until New years Eve but really seems to be free all the time, I have Recuva free so is this offer any better?

  Woolwell 15:43 26 Dec 2011

You will only want either if you have to recover files that have been deleted or have problems on the hard drive. I don't use either as I don't have those problems. If you are getting those problems then if it is hard drive then the cause needs to be investigated.

  Graphicool1 15:58 26 Dec 2011


As Woolwell said, however if your reason to get one is to keep it in case it's needed. Or just because - like me - you're a freeware junkie. Then why not get them both. Then if you need one you can find out which one is better and ditch the other.

  Muergo 18:57 26 Dec 2011

graphicool you are right, I don't remember the last time I lost? erased a file I needed but always like to know that something is there should I need it.

As nobody seems to have used it (it came from another thread) then I will stick with Recuva and , of course, Acronis.

As a freeware junkie, graphicool, I don't suppose you have a free way into Photoshop?

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