Files and settings transfer wizard - HELP!

  swervy 18:22 21 Dec 2003

I have a desktop set up running 98SE but am replacing it with a notebook running XP. I have tried to use the 'files and settings transfer wizard' in XP to set up the notebook but keep coming up with the following problem....

"Do you have the windows XP CD" - This is around the third window I see and it reads 'You will need to run this wizard on your old computer... To create a wizard disk, insert a blank.....'

I then have a radio button which is 'greyed out' which says 'I want to create a wizard disk in the following drive'. As it is greyed out however I cant select this and therefore cant create the wizard disk!!

Can anyone tell me how to create this wizard disk please??

I only have XP home (pre installed).



  Indigo 1 18:56 21 Dec 2003

Even though it is pre-installed you should have the XP setup cd.

  swervy 20:13 21 Dec 2003

The XP set up is OEM. Ok so I have a recovery disc and can re-install windows XP if needed [?] but I'm not sure how this will help.

The issue I have seesm to be the greyed out radio button. If I could enable this then I would be away....

  VoG II 20:20 21 Dec 2003

I think that what Indigo 1 meant was that if you have an XP CD you can use it instead of creating a floppy click here

  Big Elf 20:23 21 Dec 2003

Is it because there is no media in the floppy/CDR drive?

  swervy 21:01 21 Dec 2003


TI have just tried VoG's suggestion but as my Windows XP CD is a recovery CD it appears not to work in my desktop.

The more I play with this the more I think that I may have an issue with my CDRW/DVDR drive. Does this sound possible?

  Big Elf 21:15 21 Dec 2003

I know that the floppy probably may not be big enough to hold the data but what happens if you insert a blank formatted one? Is the radio button still greyed out?

  swervy 21:40 21 Dec 2003

Oh for a floppy drive. I only have a CDRW/DVD-R combo.

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