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  Ollyolly 12:53 25 Feb 2008

I'm trying to transfer from my old Win XP machine to a new XP machine by using an external hard drive and the Windows Wizard.

Both PC's are used by the family and each of the four of us login independantly. We each have a seperate partion on the hard drive.
I transferred my files and settings using the wizard without too much of a problem.
I then tried transferring my daughters. When importing into the new PC the wizard mentioned that previous settings would be removed. It transpired that it meant it would remove mine. The new PC now has my daughters settings but no longer has mine.

Does anyone know how I can move the files and settings for all four of us?


  recap 13:02 25 Feb 2008

click here scroll to about half way down for multiple user accounts.

  Ollyolly 15:50 25 Feb 2008

Thanks for the swift response.
I won't be able to try tonight but will give it a whirl tomorrow or Wednesday.
I'll let you know how I get on.

  Ollyolly 08:13 28 Feb 2008

I managed to make the global transfer to the external hard drive last night together with the individual settings transfers. It was then time for bed.
Do I assume that I transfer the global settings (logged in as administrator) to the new PC before logging in separatley to transfer the settings?

  recap 21:27 28 Feb 2008

Logging in as Administrator would give you more control over the transfer as you should be able to do it from the one account.

  Ollyolly 09:05 03 Mar 2008

Progress Report - Some success.
I managed to transfer the settings for all four of us which I am pleased to say included address books, emails and internet accounts. That lot alone saved me hours.
I couldn't transfer the files though. I ended up taking the hard drive out of the old PC and inserting it on a temporary basis in the new PC. A copy and paste of all the relevant files didn't take too long then. It also gave me a chance to clean out the inside of the old PC, amazing where all the dust comes from.
All in all a successful transition between PCs. The new one is working well, I've just got a pile of applications to install.
Thanks for your help.

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