FIles in 'my documents' folder wont open

  vaughan007 10:02 20 Oct 2003

Hello everyone,

OS - Windows XP Home Edition.

Basically all the files in the 'my documents' folder appear to be corrupted...not a total disaster as I have lots of backups...but I am concerned there is something unpleasant happening to my computer that made this happen.

It does not seem to matter what the file type was either. Word documents and image files are all wierd. Image files wont open at all and when I try to open word documents I get pages and pages of a little box character and no letters.

I have run a complete virus scan which found nothing and there does not seem to be any other problem with the computer.

Any ideas?


  hugh-265156 13:20 20 Oct 2003

sounds to me like they are all opening with notepad.

if you know what each file opens with,right click it and choose "open with" and choose a program from the list or browse to find the correct program.tick the always use this program box.

you may need to do this with each one.

  vaughan007 14:52 20 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply.

No this is not it, they are all trying to open with the correct application.

I have saved some of the files to disk and taken them to another PC running Windows NT.

Now when I try to open the word files for example....word opens..and then I get a dialogue box that says 'File Conversion - <file name>'. In this dialogue box it also asks 'Choose the encoding to use for loading this file' with the option of either 'plain text' or 'other encoding'. And a list on the right hand side saying things like 'Arabic (ASMO 708)' and 'Baltic (Windows)' and 'Central European (DOS)....anyway I am sure you get the picture.

When I try to open the JPEG images I get a dialogue box from microsoft photo editor saying 'cant determine type'.

I am even more baffled now and even more concerned that my computers HDD is gradually eating itself and corrupting files along the way...although everything else appears to be fine.

Thanks for any ideas any of you have.

  hugh-265156 14:56 20 Oct 2003

i take you have tried system restore back to when it was all ok?

  vaughan007 15:04 20 Oct 2003

Yes I have tried a system restore and no joy. So I just cancelled it.

When I first noticed this had happened (Yesterday) I moved all these 'corrupt' files to another part of my HDD.

I then used my back-up disks to put the documents back in the my documents folder.

I just checked the files and none of them have gone strange again.

So hopefully this problem will never show its ugly face again.

Do you think this was just a strange one off or could there be a more serious problem (such as a virus or something...althought I have never heard of a virus that does this)?

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