asterias 14:41 06 Oct 2018

My OS is Windows 10.Over the years I have created Word Processor & Spreadsheet files stored in MY DOCS' using MS WORKS.I started doing this in Windows 98 upgrading to XP then 7 and now 10.This methodology has been fine until the Oct' 3rd update when all my Files in MY DOCS are now shown as opening with Windows Explorer.I'm unable to change each File "Opens With" programme back to MS Works without getting unintellible garbage up.I therefore have to "Change" the File opening back to Internet Explorer. Can anyone explain how to overcome this unrequested alteration? Thanks in anticipation.

  Taff™ 07:19 08 Oct 2018

In Windows 10 go to settings and search for "Default Programs". Select the file extension and change it there.

  alanrwood 10:18 09 Oct 2018

Unless you have MSWorks installed you are wasting your time as these files will not open in Windows itself. Reset the files to their original extension then search for a file converter online to whatever program you actually have ie MSOffice, LibreOffice etc.

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