Files invisible in DOS

  mgmcc 07:47 26 Feb 2006

I'm trying to create a Norton Ghost 2003 Boot Disk with USB 2.0 support on a CD - this is normally created on two floppies, the first of which boots the PC with USB drivers and the second has the Ghost.exe file on.

I can copy all of the files to the CD, including the Ghost.exe file which is in a Ghost sub-folder, i.e drive:\Ghost\Ghost.exe This all shows correctly when viewed in Windows Explorer and when viewed in a Command Prompt window using the CLI.

However, when booting with the CD, it emulates the first floppy, stops and prompts to "insert second disk with Ghost.exe on". Looking at the "Ghost" folder in actual DOS shows it contains no files - Ghost.exe doesn't exist.

I even tried adding a differently named folder to the CD and putting the Ghost.exe file, also with a different name, in that folder - neither the folder nor the file is visible in DOS. I'm mystified!

  Gongoozler 09:48 26 Feb 2006

I suspect that the files attributes have been set as hidden. I'm very rusty on DOS, but try DIR D:\Ghost /H (assuming that D:\Ghost is the folder where the "hidden" files are)

  Eric10 12:00 26 Feb 2006

Very close Gongoozler but it's the attribute switch you need to use as:
DIR D:\Ghost /AH
That will show files with the hidden attribute in the Ghost folder on the D: drive.

Or you could just boot into Windows, right-click on the Ghost.exe file you have copied and look to see if the hidden attribute is set.

  mgmcc 13:24 26 Feb 2006

The Ghost.exe file isn't a "hidden" file and is shown in Windows Explorer whether or not the box is ticked for "Show hidden files & folders". Its "hidden" attribute isn't set in Properties.

  dms05 14:22 26 Feb 2006

mgmcc - can you edit the autoexec.bat on Floppy 1 so that the batch file simply looks for the Ghost.exe on Floppy 1 rather than Floppy 2? Also DOS had many limitations - is it possible that DOS won't cope with the location of the ghost.exe file on the CD? Finally could you make up 2 CD's to replace the 2 Floppy Disks? Hardly leading edge science but it might work.

  Batch 15:19 26 Feb 2006

I had to make 2 CDs to get over the same problem to make Partition Magic boot CDs (which also expected 2 floppies)

I actually did it by making the boot floppies and then using Nero to use these as a source for Nero's bootble CD option. I had to take this route as I didn't have (and didn't want, at the time) PM installed on the machine which had floppy drive and a CD writer. So I created the floppies on an old PC with PM installed and then used these on another PC to burn to CD. One might be able to burn bootable floppies dirct to CD from the source application, if your CD writing capability supports this.

The reason I think you need to create 2 CDs is that in making the CD bootable, it creates a special area that emulates another bootable device (e.g. a floppy) and the files that you copy elsewhere on to the CD are not visible (as you have seen in DOS).

For this reason, you can't just make CD 1 after the style of a bootable floppy and then CD2 as an ordinary CD as you have found - the contents of the second CD need to "appear" as if like a floppy (but on a CD) as well.

There is almost certainly a way to slipstream the contents of both floppiesinto a bootable area on a CD, but I don't know how to do this and haven't been able to find any EASY instructions. Anyhow, if it is just a one off it isn't worth the hassle of trying this - just live with 2 CDs.

  mgmcc 16:18 26 Feb 2006

Don't ask me how, but I managed to create a Ghost Boot Disk with USB 2.0 support on a *SINGLE* floppy and burning this to CD has worked fine.

Thanks for the advice offered.

  Batch 16:26 26 Feb 2006

That should be fine if all the files will fit on single floppy. Normally the need for >1 floppy in the first place is because it won't all fit onto one!

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