Files gone missing on CD/RW disc.

  Auscot 11:28 08 May 2003

After burning mp3 files to a CD/RW disc, which already had some files on it,when I put the Disc in my DVD rom,it will only show me the last 2 files that I burned,even though I know that the files are there. I checked this by putting the disc in the burner drive and accessing the disc through CD Creator. This showed me all the files were still there. Any theories or suggestions,please?


  BibleGuru 12:17 08 May 2003

You may have overwritten the original files with your new ones - that might explain why you can only see the new files...just a thought.

  _Treb_ 12:27 08 May 2003

Just another thought. Put cdrw in drive click on properties and look at the volumes you may have to select the older volume.

  Auscot 13:02 08 May 2003

Thanks to Bibleguru and Treb for both their responses. The files are definitely not overwritten and I am sure I can save them. Treb,I did as you suggested but this only gave me the "apple-pie" chart which did'nt tell me anything. On some of these exercises I'm still only a beginner. Thanks again to you both.


  anchor 13:16 08 May 2003

When you did the second recording in a multi session disc, did you open the previous session prior to making your next recording?.

I have seen the same when I failed to do this.

  -pops- 14:01 08 May 2003

I always make a point of:

1. NEVER using CDRW disks.

2. Always saving things I want to write to CDR in a folder on the hard drive until there is sufficient collected to make burning a disk worthwhile. What this amount is may be a full CD worth or perhaps only a few meg but at the price that even high grade CDRs are nowadays, it's not going to break the bank either way.

3. NEVER attempting a second go at writing anything to a CD. Not only is there a good chance of it not working, there is also a possibility of wrecking whatever is already there.


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