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  lacker 23:29 14 Feb 2003

Hi Gang,
Can anybody help me please.Where wireless networking is concerned,I am a complete Novice.Have just installed Actiontec usb wireless units to my pc and laptop.Have successfully connected up my internet,but am at loss how to set up the network to exchange files and folders etc.I am running XP home on the relevant partition,all instructions from actiontec website seem to refer to Win ME or 98.The sequence given by them 'does not compute' on XP.
All help gratefully received.


  LastChip 23:39 14 Feb 2003

You must share a drive or individual files in order to share them.

In order to do this, "Right Click" on the drive or file and select sharing.

If you have already done this an it still doesn't work, you will probably have to set-up a User Account to enable the data to be shared. More about that if you need further help. Please let us know.

  lacker 23:47 14 Feb 2003

Ta everso! I will try your suggestion in the AM,when there is a little more chance of my brain working,for now its off to bed I think.
regards Tony

  Forum Editor 01:08 15 Feb 2003

make sure that both machines have different names, but the same workgroup name. By default it's MSHOME, and you may as well use that unless you have a particular reeason to do otherwise.

  Forum Editor 01:09 15 Feb 2003

must be a seeasonal thing. Sorry.

  lacker 10:58 15 Feb 2003

I think I have got the hang of it ,but I can't play anymore now, as management has decreed(or should that be deecreeed FE)we go out and spend some money.If I hit any problems later,I will come back to you.

Thanks again Tony

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