Files Deleted from Networked PCs

  shuja_kagzi 16:12 29 Jun 2007

There is a problem with the networked PCs, when any files deleted from the local PC without shift key, files goes to Recycle Bin but when deleted from the networked PC it is deleted permanently. What is the remedy, so that files deletd in this way can be recovered as or move to a temprory place instead of deletd permanently?

  brundle 17:12 29 Jun 2007

Workplace network or home network? Either way there is no `network recycle bin`, the contingency would be a paranoid back-up policy or something as simple as compressing the file for deletion and then deleting the original - you have a back up , but it doesn't take up the same space as the original. That depends on your network users too though.

  shuja_kagzi 06:10 30 Jun 2007

PCs running in simple LAN on IPs, No server, and the problem is every user can access the files, and the customer do not want to consume much time in changing the settings, and installing a server, in this scenario if some options available?

  brundle 23:34 30 Jun 2007

My office works on the same principle (peer to peer network), but we only share selected folders between machines. One work-around is a daily backup, either on each machine or to one machine you/they designate as the master. One machine will have assumed the role of master browser - disable the Computer Browser service on all computers other than the one machine you wish to designate as the master if you want to do it manually.
We have used Cobian backup for this purpose - it can be installed on one machine and automate the backups across the network to a single machine; click here

SyncBack SE can do the same, but is not as flexible;
click here

Both free by the way.

If they need an easy way to restore accidentally deleted files, the method I described isn't going to be as straightforward as dragging a file out of the recycle bin, but that is one of the drawbacks of a peer-to-peer network.

Perhaps you could make a specific `for deletion` shared folder and have people drag files there instead of deleting them.

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