Files that are safe to remove

  Martlet 12:30 08 Oct 2008

I am trying to remove some clutter from my hard drive,and have found in the Windows/Installer Folder, folders with names like:{987AE1EA-9AF0-484D-A0F9-11A2E0EB4AA0}, along with a lot of Windows Installer Patch files and Windows Installer Package files of up to 12 months old.

Is it safe to delete any of these, or are there other issues I need to be aware of?

I am using XPHome SP2

  provider 2 12:49 08 Oct 2008

I think it`s a wise precaution to Google things that you don`t know or have never heard of before.

The problem is there may well be no quick or easy answers and you may have to decide for yourself on the available evidence:

click here

  provider 2 12:51 08 Oct 2008

Or send a Hijack This log to Bleeping Computers or the Malware Removal forum, of course.

  Martlet 13:55 08 Oct 2008

These files would appear to be left-over from Windows Update (which is set to Auto).

If they are removed will this affect the updates that have taken place? Or should they be more like a Temp file? In which case deletion should have no effect

  provider 2 16:50 08 Oct 2008

I regret to say I think the answer is: it depends on your point of view ... whether you believe that if anything can go wrong, it will, or not.

Here`s Leo`s opinion (+ related links ... scroll down). He tends to err on the safe side, which you may or may not find acceptable, but he does at least, spell out the possible risks and how to minimise them:

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 08 Oct 2008

is left over from a service pack update, delete it.

I would also delete the patch and installer files as well, they can always be recreated.

  Pine Man 18:42 08 Oct 2008

If in doubt delete them BUT keep them in your recycle bin for a few weeks.

  Martlet 18:45 08 Oct 2008

Thanks Provider 2,

Having read Leo's opinion, I think I am also going to err on the side of caution.
Moving the files to another drive and then seeing what happens.

  Martlet 18:53 08 Oct 2008

Fruit Bat,

Thanks, you have confirmed what I suspected. I will however save them elsewhere for the time being.


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