files are hidden in a folder, runnable but unrecoverable?

  theDarkness 21:31 02 Jan 2012

Someone used a third party folder arranging tool yesterday on vista which seems to have messed with the registration of some files to the hard-drive. Im pretty sure its not a hard drive physical problem or virus. For example, I had files within a folder, eg readme.txt files, and a link to them on the desktop. The files have now 'disappeared' from their original location because of this program-I cant see them in their original folder, but they are still there, as they are runnable by clicking on my desktop shortcuts. I cannot make them re-appear in their original folder. The folders properties does not even list any hidden files. Its as if they never existed. I can even go as far as to delete this folder they are in, and empty the recycle bin, but I can still run the files using the shortcuts.

Most unrelated programs that I can run in full screen and browse my computers folders, still show the deliberately deleted folder and its missing files, in the same location. How do I re-register these files to the hard drive so that they are accessible again using only windows? Do I simply need to run an error check on the hard drive/system, or are there any tools that may prove useful? Thanks :D

  rdave13 21:39 02 Jan 2012

If you right click the shortcuts on your desktop, properties, where does the "target" show?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:43 02 Jan 2012

open the files from the shortcut then

Save as

to where ever you wish

  theDarkness 22:07 02 Jan 2012

The target was definately the same, and I couldnt browse to it from its properties window. I think Ive just worked it out though-in the folder bar next to "organize" and "views", there was also a new option popping up, "show compatibility files for this directory". Clicking on this made the files re-appear again, and I was then able to open up a new window and move them (to the same location?) in non compatibility mode. Im glad I managed to fix it but Im not exactly sure why these files were moved into this virtual mode. Browsing through my installation folders for other software, I have noticed this option is available, but only for a select few. Ill have to look it up for its exact purpose, although Im sure that some files are best not moved from this compatibility mode view. Ive had vista for a long time and never noticed it before. Im just hoping that nothing important has been accidentally moved. thanks :)

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