FileHippo Update Checker

  thumbscrew 22:41 01 Jul 2009

Can anyone who uses Filehippo tell me, that after downloading a recent update showing, a few times, it's still showing on the list as a download?

  Sea Urchin 22:45 01 Jul 2009

Check the version of the program you have downloaded

  thumbscrew 22:47 01 Jul 2009

Greetings Sea Urcin and thanks...just downloaded the latest version from FileHippo

  Sea Urchin 22:52 01 Jul 2009

Yes, but is the latest version actually downloaded? FileHippo compares version numbers, and suggests downloads if your existing program is older.

  thumbscrew 23:05 01 Jul 2009

Yep, I clicked download and received version 2 on screen.

  Sea Urchin 23:10 01 Jul 2009

What's the program in question?

  thumbscrew 23:15 01 Jul 2009


  Sea Urchin 23:21 01 Jul 2009

The latest version of uTorrent on FileHippo is 1.8.3 Build 15728 - I don't know where you are getting "version 2" from

  thumbscrew 23:23 01 Jul 2009

Version 2 in brackets on screen when I download from Filehippo??

  thumbscrew 23:25 01 Jul 2009

Which is what I've now got, but still showing a download on FileHippo...despite me having it!!

  Sea Urchin 23:33 01 Jul 2009

This is what FileHippo brings up

click here

I don't see Version 2 anywhere.

When you check for available updates what exactly does it say? (including version numbers)

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