File won't open correctly with MS Office?

  xena_wales 17:21 25 Sep 2013

Hiya, I'm trying to help a friend with their laptop. They tried to uninstall McAfee, but it all went pearshaped, and they tried a Restore with no luck either. McAfee seems to have gone, but also seems to have left a trail of destruction behind it.

One of the problems is that files will no longer open correctly using the installed Office 2007. If you click on the file (on the desktop, or in Explorer), it tries to open the associated program but gives this :

"Do you want to allow Word to make changes to your computer"

Then gives you this:

"There was a problem sending the command to the program"

It then leaves Word open, with no file open, but you can open the file from within Word.

Please can anyone advise me how to fix this? I'm guessing it's a registry error, but I'm out of practice with this kind of stuff. My friend can't find the discs for a reinstall of Office. Thanks!

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