File Window, left hand panel.

  Allan RISC OS user 17:22 25 Jan 2005

To attempt to clarify my last request. On clicking on the "C":\ icon one would expect to see a window containing athe files contained therein, this happens as expected, but on clicking the Folders Icon at the top of the window I get an Explorer type of "Tree", which is ok, but how can I get the (approx) 4 menus which contain various items such as delete, change name, plus many others. I did have this option before I had to re format and re install XP home and SP2. All the folder windows have the same problem.

  ade.h 18:58 25 Jan 2005

Have you tried toggling off the folder tree by pressing the Folders button? The folder tree and search facility just toggle on and off, replacing the default pane that you have described. If that doesn't work, then it's a much deeper problem and may require a repair or re-installation.

  ade.h 19:00 25 Jan 2005

You need to click on Tools and then Folder options. The first option needs to be set to Common Tasks, not Classic View.

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