~ File - What is it?

  watchful 17:50 07 May 2003

Yesterday, after browsing on eBay, a little file turned up on my desktop after I logged off.

It's a small white page with turned down corner and ~ underneath. I can't find out what it is or where it came from. I deleted it but it came back again today.

I have two more of them in My Docs. one with sta_per under it and the other with sta_req. They appeared after I'd been in Microsoft Office tools.

Why are they there and what are they for?

Does anyone know?

Using Windows XP Home.

  Gaz 25 17:56 07 May 2003

If they come back they need some treatment...

click here might help.

Or it could be a system file, just set it to hide.

  watchful 18:01 07 May 2003

This may sound thick but what exactly is a system file and are they all needed?

  Ironman556 18:15 07 May 2003

YES! (Well most)

System files are the files that Windows uses to run. You *shouldn't* be able to delete the important ones easily (But I wouldn't try it).

You could have unknowingly downloaded somthing that re-installs itself on your computer, in which case you'll want to run Spybot as suggested above, and Ad-Aware from click here. The programs act like a virus scan, but scan for junk programs which can be used to track you, or watch what you're doing etc.

The other alternative is that a program such as Office (~wrl maybe?) or Windows has put the files there. If you can't set it to hide in the properties dialog, then try moving it to another folder. Open Word or whatever you've been using recently and the recent documents and see if one causes it to reappear.


  watchful 18:19 07 May 2003

I think Office put two of the files there. It was after updating something I used for the first time.

The ~ one only appeared after being on eBay. I haven't downloaded anything and it just came on desktop yesterday.

  watchful 18:20 07 May 2003

I already have up-to-date virus scanning with PC-cillin. Is that not enough?

  powerless 18:26 07 May 2003

If you right click this file and choose open with...

Choose Notepad.

Do you see a bunch of strange characters and email addresses?

Scroll downwards and across and you will see email addresses of email addresses that are in your Inbox in Oulook express?

Scan for a virus etc etc in this file, but i think this file has to do with Outlook Express. Some mysterious Phenomenon.

I've had this file also appear seems harmless and you can delete, it did return once but have not heard from it since.

  watchful 18:33 07 May 2003

I cannot 'Open with..' Only Open and then it says Windows cannot open this file.

I can hide it under properties.

It doesn't seem to be connected to OE.

I did delete it yesterday and nothing untoward happened but it came back again today after being on eBay again. Perhaps it is spying on what I'm looking at!

Haven't time now to look read all the Spybot site.

  watchful 18:34 07 May 2003

There are no viruses present.

  Ironman556 18:36 07 May 2003

It depends how security conscious/paranoid you are. I (through paranoia) have Ad-aware and spyware guard. I also download loads of freeware progs or files I find through goole etc. from the internet. It's just extra security as some advertisers wiol track you or may target pop-ups at you. If you don't use the net much you have less to worry about.

  watchful 18:38 07 May 2003

I don't worry about security at all really. Just wanted to know why they were there.

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