File transfers in XP

  NotsoNewuser 14:48 19 Feb 2005

I have been trying to use the direct serial cable system under XP to transfer about 10Gb data (mainly photos)from old to new computer, but it appears to be showing that it is going to take 39/40 HOURS, which seems a bit excessive. I believe I have done everything correctly but I can't believe it should take that long, so has anyone any experience/tips on doing this. In XP should I also stop all the processes (as well as applications) shown by ctrl/alt/del whilst doing this transfer?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:50 19 Feb 2005

Serial ports are slow - but that time is probably an exaggeration. But it will indeed take some time.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:53 19 Feb 2005

It might be an idea for you to install the old disk as a slave into the new machine and copy the files that way.

Out of interest, what sort of backup do you have? You could keep the old disk as a backup for the new machine.

  ACOLYTE 14:56 19 Feb 2005

If you have usb ports on both PC's you might wont
to try the usb pen's a 512Mb one is about £20/30
and although it will take a while to transfer 10 gig it would i should think be faster than the serial connection.If you got 2 thats a gig a time
you could transfer.

  2neat 15:15 19 Feb 2005

just fit the old disk as a slave. All you have to do is move a jumper on the old disk. There is loads of advice on how to do this.
Good luck.

  NotsoNewuser 15:15 19 Feb 2005

I note what you say Diodorus and Acolyte and I think I'll buy a couple of DVDs and do it that way.
Cant use the drive as a spare as I've donated the pc to my wife!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 15:17 19 Feb 2005

Sticking it in as a slave will still be the fastest option I think but your DVD suggestion will at least give you a backup.

  anchor 17:00 19 Feb 2005

An easy alternative, if you don`t wish to do it that way, is to use a USB link cable. I use one regularly to copy files from the desktop to my notebook, (and vice versa). By the way it DOES work with Win-XP, using the latest drivers, v.1.642.

Maplins stock it: (£19.99)

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