File transfers from old to new PC

  Newuser1200 20:49 20 Oct 2003

I'm about to change from my old PC to the new one and, having listened to various pundits, am proposing to transfer the 4gb or so contents of my D drive to the new hard drive by temporarily moving my old hard drive to the new PC, designating it as the slave and then dragging and dropping.

I think I can do this but grateful for any tips and any pointer to previous PC Advisor articles which might help.


  LastChip 22:32 20 Oct 2003

Or, depending on the system, you may be able to use xxcopy, with the clone command, and transfer the whole D Drive to a new partition. Note the new partition, as if you use "clone", the program will overwrite anything that is already on that partition.

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  Martyn 22:59 20 Oct 2003

It is very easy to do - I have done it many times.
just make sure that the jumpers on your old hard drive are set to slave. Turn the power off on your new pc and remove the power plug. Connect your old hd to the free plug halfway down the ribbon cable connecting the hd in your new pc to the motherboard find a power plug and fit it to your old hd. Boot up the computer and it should recognise your old hd. Create a folder on your new pc labelled old hd open your old hd - drive D? and simply copy and paste the folders and files.

  GuyR 23:41 20 Oct 2003

As Martyn states basically very easy, biggest hasle is setting jumpers on the hard drive to the correct settings. I have just done this on an in-laws PC as a nephew deleted some importatnt fioles so her system would not boot up. Maxtor drive not that clear as to how to set jumpers, in the end tried the slave HD with all jumpoers off and worked OK. Once system recognises the two drives it is easy. This topis covered in PCAdvisor recently in help topics.

  GuyR 16:55 21 Oct 2003

just read all the errors, was getting late

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