File Transferring - Help please!

  mad2477 18:02 01 Apr 2003

I have 2 systems, both running Windows XP Pro and i want to move large files from my desktop to my laptop which are too large to put on a CD. I have no DVD writer, nor are they connected to a LAN. I can't be bothered to buy a hub and set up a home network. Are there any other ways to connect the two computers? Windows suggests using a serial or parralell cable, but i have these cables but both connections are different and so they fit in one computer but not the other. Where can i get a double ended cable or are there any other methods? My desktop has no infra=red connection. Thanks for any help. Chris.

  mad2477 18:25 01 Apr 2003

really any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Pesala 18:30 01 Apr 2003

If this is a one off operation I would think splitting the files and burning to CD-RW would be best.

File Splitter (290 K) click here

  Lozzy 18:33 01 Apr 2003

Why don't you want to create a network between Laptop and PC?? Its easy especially if both have XP Pro and its by far the cheaper option..

  mad2477 18:34 01 Apr 2003

yeh thanks, but to be perfectly honest there is more than a few 900mb files, it amounts to about 13gb, and i really can't bothered to keep on writing cd-rws if i can help it. Any other suggestions?

  fitshase 18:35 01 Apr 2003

There are a few options:-

Option 1 (the quickest option)

If both computers have a network card in them then simply buy a crossover network cable to connect them - you certainly don't need a hub if it is only 2 computers.

Option 2

The cable you are looking for is a "null modem cable". However, as the file is too big to fit on a CD (therefore over 700MB) then this option will take a long time to transfer.

If you are going to do this on a regular basis then option 1 is the best option. However, I suspect that you have a network card in both computers as you only mention buying a hub. With option 1 you'll not need a hub, just a crossover cable.

Hope this helps



  Pesala 18:35 01 Apr 2003

Same topic discussed here. Laplink is slow.

click here

  mad2477 18:35 01 Apr 2003

how do i create a network, can i just stick a cable between the LAN Cards. and then how do i actually configure it all?

  fitshase 18:39 01 Apr 2003

Firstly you need to get a crossover cable.


- Switch both computers off

- Connect the crossover cable to both computers

- Switch both computers on and run the network wizard in XP.

It should do everything for you and you'll be up and running.



  mad2477 18:40 01 Apr 2003

what is a "cross over cable" is it an ordinary LAN cable? And will windows automatically detect it by itself?

  fitshase 18:48 01 Apr 2003

A crossover cable is the same as a normal LAN cable but with some of the wires "crossed over" (hence the name).

A normal LAN cable will not work - it needs to be a crossover cable.

Once you have the cable in place and follow the steps I gave, windows should pick it up and configure it for you when you run the network wizard.



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