file transfer from old drive to new hard drive

  mungo_one 12:27 21 Dec 2006

I have a number of photos on an old hard drive (from a Win 98 PC). This old PC doesn't recognise any USB flash drives, even if I try to install the driver, and neither does it have a CD-writer. Someone at work mentioned being able to add the old drive to my new PC by designating it as a slave? Can anyone please provide some detailed instructions. Many thanks.

  FreeCell 13:10 21 Dec 2006

See click here

You need to set your old drive as a "Slave"

  BurrWalnut 13:11 21 Dec 2006

Remove the drive from the old machine (4 screws maximum). Set the little jumper on the back to 'slave'. Open the case of the 'new' PC and connect the ribbon cable (about 2 inches wide) and the 4-pin power cables to the disk.

You won't need to fix the drive in the case, just put it on a non-metallic surface, e.g. a shoe box.

Boot up and Windows will find the drive. Open 2 explorer windows and drag your files from the 'old' disk to the new one.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:12 21 Dec 2006

If the new PC has ide connections use the following; if it is only SATA then I'm not sure.

Take the drive out of the old pc.

On the end of the drive is four sets of pins (known as jumpers) with little plastic clip that connects them. The drive will be set as either master, slave or CS (cable select).

Change the clip to the slave position.

Connect to a spare cable in the PC (should be the same as in the old machine so you will be reversing what you have done).

Boot the PC and the drive should be visible in Windows Explorer

  Diodorus Siculus 13:13 21 Dec 2006

By the way, what is the detail of the new PC i.e. make and model?

  mungo_one 16:17 21 Dec 2006

Thanks for all your help. It seems quite simple and I'll try it over Christmas. My new PC is a Dell 5150. Cheers.

  FreeCell 17:44 21 Dec 2006


Dell 5150 has SATA hard drive and your old one is probably an IDE drive so the connectors will not be the same.

You may have a spare IDE connector for an optical drive that can be used, I think.

See your Dell 5150 manual for information on fitting hard drive. click here

  mungo_one 10:26 22 Dec 2006


I see what you meant about the SATA versus IDE drives when I opened up my Dell. However, I have tried this on a work PC with an IDE drive and it worked a treat! Thanks to all for their help.

  Koochy 11:28 22 Dec 2006

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