file transfer help.

  wolfie3000 02:10 11 Mar 2006

I have spent the night making a video of halo online with a few freinds on strategies and tactics.
The video needs to be sent to a freind in texas problem is the video in question is 2.7GB.

the video is about 1 and a half hours long.

How can i get it to texas online?

  AndySD 02:38 11 Mar 2006

Try using a File Transport Program (ftp) but you may find that there are upload and download limits on one or both of your connections.

  wolfie3000 02:48 11 Mar 2006

cheers AndySD

I will look into it in a minute.

  AndySD 02:51 11 Mar 2006

You will also need to install an ftp server program on your pc like Bullet Proof click here and a client on the other PC

  wolfie3000 02:53 11 Mar 2006

cheers AndySD

I will get it sorted i guess i will need alot of time to, to send it through lol

  AndySD 03:10 11 Mar 2006


May be quicker to burn to DVD and post it.

Can you compress the file or use a different codec to export it. What format is the file saved as?

  wolfie3000 03:13 11 Mar 2006

avi file

I want to send it uncompressed as it needs editing.

as for burning it to dvd i aint got a dvd burner nor a cd burner looks like the ftp idea will have to do.

  remind 06:13 11 Mar 2006

cut the file into three or four parts with hjsplit (click here) and send chunks up to 1gb via Yousendit click here

  wolfie3000 06:21 11 Mar 2006

Thanks remind but i phoned the guy in texas and we decided that im gonna copy the film onto a spare harddrive and take it round a mates house who has a dvd writer copy the film onto some dvd,s and post them.

Thank you everyone whos helped the ideas might be used in future film productions.

Hopefully the finished film will be available online in coming months if anyone wants the film i will put up the link as soon as its online.

The film is about the best use of tactics and weapon use when playing Halo online also Warthog driving skills and tricks.

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