file transfer

  trisers 23:53 02 Jul 2003

have a new pc with XP, can i transfer files from my old pc (with 98SE) by connecting the two with a usb cable?

  Chegs ? 00:57 03 Jul 2003

Yes,but unsure how to set it up.

  Ping Pong 09:05 03 Jul 2003

If you want to do this on a regular basis then consider a mini p2p(peer to peer) network. If however this is just a once off thing then take the hard drive from your old machine and set the jumper to slave. The jumper is a plastic clip at the end where all the connections are on the hard drive. Unplug your power cable for your new machine and plug in the hard drive to the ide cable which comes from the NEW HARD DRIVE. There
is usually an extra socket for this purpose.Then connect the power lead to your old hard drive.
Power up your machine and the old HD shuold be seen as d drive. If you decide to use this option do not under any circumstances format the old hd until you have extracted your data.

  mrdsgs 10:18 03 Jul 2003

yes you can by buying a special "usb file transfer cable" it looks like a usb cable with an "A" socket and both ends and a bit of elecvtronics in the middle. It will be supplied with simple software.

well know brands/ product names are "PC-Linc" or "USB-Link"

I have 2 and they cost about £15.00.

I would be happy to sell one!


  trisers 01:13 04 Jul 2003

thanks for the advice...i think i`ll just transfer the hard drive over and set as slave!

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