File system questions

  woodchip 20:42 28 Apr 2004

Help needed on Why on a New Comp that I have just bought as the C:\ drive With OS on it NTFS,

and Backup Drive D:\ with drivers on NTFS

but the E:\ Drive which is the Recover Drive Fat32

Any reason that you can think why they have done it that way

  Reevey11 20:46 28 Apr 2004

Fat32 can be seen by a dos startup disk, NTFS can't. It's the same on my mesh machine


  woodchip 20:50 28 Apr 2004

But why does it need to see Dos when it all operates from the CD recovery, although it as got a floppy drive

  Reevey11 21:11 28 Apr 2004

I think that the installation program still uses dos to addess the hard drives and start the main windows installation program.

Someone else may be able to confirm this


  woodchip 21:49 28 Apr 2004

Not into NTFS

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