File stuck in "Write to CD". wXP

  concise 11:37 31 Mar 2005

That's it really. File was happy on PC tried to copy it onto disc and there it lies, won't write can't erase it (don't want to really that is now the only version I have)but how to get at it? Message says file may be in use? - no. Try another disc? - no. Try PCAdvisor and here I am.
Any clues?

  BRYNIT 13:13 31 Mar 2005

After a read of the win help file. If you are using win xp writing program it may be stuck in the CD writer temp file.

If you open my computer double click on CD write drive it will open the temp file, you should be able to delete it from here, it will not delete the original file. If this does not work try in safe mode.

  concise 10:44 02 Apr 2005

Thanks for that, I have got it out of CD burning. It now resides in C:\4523 etc,etc along with SP1, SP2, Common and xsp1hfm. I still can't get at it to save it to disc or move it or anything. Any further ideas please? (It is the only copy on the PC.)

  BRYNIT 14:33 02 Apr 2005

Now it is removed from CD burning a few questions. What file are you trying to save, where is this file, what program is usiing this file and why do you whish to save this file.

  Paranoid Android 15:09 02 Apr 2005

Try to copy it instead of move/ delete. This may allow you to make a copy in My Documents, for example.


  concise 20:49 02 Apr 2005

Can't copy it, can't do anything with it. The file is a .exe file and contains landscape photographs in a compilation which appeared to have its own viewer incorporated, don't know what system as it didn't seem relevent at the time. It was transferred from a CD to my lap-top where it behaved impeccably. The original disc having returned to its owner I then tried to download the file to another disc with a view to loading it in my P.C. Some (other, not related) files transferred and it then seized up when loading the picture file. Whether the disc was full I can't remember but what happened next is the subject of my original query. Depending on what I try to do to it in its present position I get various messages telling me I don't have access, Windows doesn't have access, the disc is full. I am not sure I can re-borrow the original to start again and after this don't know if I'd want to. But if I can't access it I would at least like to get rid of it to save fiddling with it for evermore!

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