File sorting by date in Vista

  mimosa418 15:04 06 Aug 2008

I have Vista Home Premium on my laptop and Windows XP on my PC.I like to sort any downloaded files by "date modified" in windows explorer. The date format is UK style dd/mm/yyyy.
The Vista machine sorts by the day number and takes no account of the year.
Short of reverting to a date style yyyy/mm/dd does anyone have a solution to this problem
The regional setting on both machines are for UK and there is no roblem with the sorting on the XP machine

  sinbads 15:43 06 Aug 2008

Not sure what you are trying to do ;but my explorer shows dd/mm/yyyy and time, if you right click on a empty space in your folder you have various options of sort by, at the bottom there is more which gives you mamy more options

  mimosa418 16:10 06 Aug 2008

Thanks sinbads, but if I do what you suggest and sort by date modified I get a list which reads something like this.
Since first posting I have been playing around and find that if I go to regionsal setings date tab and select the short date format to yyyy-my-dd I get all my files sorted in date order either descending or ascending. Suppose I will have to get used to differing date styles on the two maches.

  Woolwell 16:31 06 Aug 2008

Strange. I cannot replicate your problem using Vista Home Premium.

  sunny staines 16:50 06 Aug 2008

put each download in its own folder start the folder name with the date of download followed by software name then put all these folders in a folder called downloads.

  mimosa418 17:24 06 Aug 2008

explorer should be able to sort in date order without a complicated procedure like sunny staines suggests. I have several hundred downloaded files which are difficult to sort when transferred to my laptop.
I feel certain there is a procedure in Vista to correct te problem but can not find any.
Woolwell- have you your regional setting to Uk . What is the date format.

  Woolwell 17:59 06 Aug 2008

Date format is dd/mm/yyyy eg 06/08/2008 and UK

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