File Size, Add Remove Programs.

  Giantsquid 00:10 15 Aug 2003

Hello all,
Just been checking in the above to see if I have the latest Virus definition for the nasty stuff knocking about (add remove programs) and I was some what perplexed to find that some of my stuff (size wise) was like this:
AVG 18.6 Mb
Epson Scanner 123Mb
Autorout 713 Mb
Castle Wolf (game) 670Mb
and a load more all massive files ?

I am new to XP but it says MB not KB is that right ? surely they cannot be that big ?

thanks for your help and safe computing,

  whybe 01:03 15 Aug 2003

I've checked all mine and yes most are multiple mb's. Don't most progs say you will require so much mb spare. Somebody better than me will probably know the answer.

  hugh-265156 01:11 15 Aug 2003

when you download these programs they are compressed.after installing the contents of the download is extracted and uncompressed.

18mb is very small nowdays.some games take well over a GIG of space.

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