File Shredder

  panhandle 13:52 17 Jun 2010

I have been using this freeware without problems until now. I am getting a message "cannot shred files because they are in use".
Can anyone shed any light on this - the files are not in use, I have just right-clicked and "sent to file shredder" from the context menu.

  rawprawn 17:05 17 Jun 2010

Which File Shredder?there are dozens.

  johndrew 18:51 17 Jun 2010

If the document/file you are trying to shred is open (being read/on the screen) the shredding software (depending on the software used) can`t delete it. You probably need to ensure that the document/file is closed and browse for it to shed it using the shredder itself.

  panhandle 23:06 17 Jun 2010

the one i am using is as link below.
However, the files/folders - and i have tried many - they are NOT open when io try to delete..
More help appreciated!
click here
I have had a power cut recently - I am in Cyprus and the electricity is CRAP! - and lost most of my data, my main backup on an exernal HDD was corrupt.had to purchase "systools bkf repair" which worked a treat.
However I need to sdelete the useless files/documenrsand load the recovered files.

  Kevscar1 06:20 18 Jun 2010

Have you checked the files to make sure they are not read only. Had this problem before and I had to untick each one before I could delete them. Sometimes unticking the folder/subfolders does not workand you have to do each file seperatly.

  rawprawn 07:13 18 Jun 2010

Try to shred them in Safe Mode.

  panhandle 08:35 18 Jun 2010

Makes no difference. Also they are not "read only". I have uninstalled & re-installed so - can anyone reccommend another good "shredding" programme please? There are a lot around as rawprawn says.

  rawprawn 09:24 18 Jun 2010

Eraser, click here

  rawprawn 09:26 18 Jun 2010

If Eraser won't shred them you may want to try Unlocker click here

  panhandle 08:20 19 Jun 2010

problem solved with Eraser. Cheers

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