File Sharing Password problem

  griffo 13:58 21 May 2005

I have placed a Read Only and a Full file-sharing password on a W98SE PC on my Home LAN. When I try to access the C Drive or a specific folder on that PC, from my laptop (XP Pro), it asks for a password, but then does nothing. The password dialogue box just remains on the screen and no connection is established. Any suggestions please?

  LastChip 23:08 21 May 2005

Is this a password related issue or a generic network issue?

Is it true to say, if you disable the password requirement, the sharing works OK? If it doesn't, you need to sort out a network problem first, before you password protect items.

  griffo 07:19 22 May 2005

thanks for the reply - yes, the sharing works fine without any passwords. Because I sometimes connect to my Home PC from my office and use the same workgroup for both LANs, I wanted to password protect my home PC. This has now 'stalled' the connection.

  LastChip 10:39 22 May 2005

Have you got an identical user account on the XP Pro machine? This should be the same user name and password as your '98 computer.

If not, try setting it up, and then log in as that user. Now try accessing your '98 files.

  BigMoFoT 12:58 26 May 2005

mean the password option you can put on a hard drive in Windows 98? If so this will be the cause of your problem as I think this is a clash between the 2 OS.

  griffo 13:09 26 May 2005

Yes, I am putting a password protection on the Folder on the W98SE PC. When I select it from my XP Pro PC, it asks for a Guest password and when I type it in, nothing happens.

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