File sharing from old computer

  loopyloo 13:17 05 May 2006

I have just purhased a laptop computer and would like to know if I can somehow get into my desktop computer files via my laptop instead of going onto the desktop and copying various files onto disk and coping them onto my laptop.

  Mytob 13:33 05 May 2006

you can do so with a crossovercable if im correct. it will take a bit of setting up. esentialy what you need to do it make the files available to everyone on the network and then copy them over via the crosover or via a switch or hub depending on what equipment you have. Im asuming u are running M$ windoz on both pc and laptop.

  mgmcc 13:42 05 May 2006

In another thread you say that you have a router so, if both computers are connected to the internet via the router, they are already networked. You need to set any folders that you want to have available over the network as "shared", by right clicking and selecting the Sharing & Security option. Both computers need to be in the *same* Workgroup and any firewall software should be configured to allow access to the networked computers.

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