File Sharing - Administrator's rights etc.

  jimforrest 12:20 19 Oct 2013

I have re-stalled Win7 on my laptop and have got my network (part wireless and part LAN) to see all the computers. My laptop can access every single directory (except Windows which I haven't set to share) on my Win XP Desktop machine, and I can copy files across without problems.

My other laptop is another problem. (Both laptops run Win7). I can 'see' all of the directories that I have set to share (on both laptops) but I can only copy files from the Public folders. I can't open the non public directories as I get a message saying that I don't have permissions. I have tried reading the info on the Microsoft Knowledge Base on this and have to admit I don't understand it!

I think it has something to do with Administrators and UAC but can't find what. I have the UAC slider set to zero on both computers so it should be off - but it isn't because it's still stopping me accessing MY OWN computer!

How do I get round this?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:25 20 Oct 2013

"I think it has something to do with Administrators and UAC but can't find what............"

I think you may be looking in the wrong place Jim.

The settings that control file sharing in Windows 7 can be found via Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center -> Change Advanced Sharing Options. See if you can spot any differences between your two Windows 7 computers and make any appropriate changes. The "Password Protected Sharing" option may be the culprit here although I would have thought you'd get different symptoms.

  jimforrest 17:28 20 Oct 2013

Thanks SS. It all got a bit technical for me so I copied the files on the old laptop into its Public File (there was room), and them WiFi'd them across to my my rebuilt laptop. The reason I wanted to do it directly from the original Folder is because it was 44.5gb in size! (Lots of engineering drawings, reports etc). Took a while but all done now.

I'll worry about the Permissions etc later - but for the usual one or two file transfers I can use the Public Folder.

Now I can make an Image of the rebuilt laptop as it has more-or-less everything back on it. Then I'll have a go with Paragon to try to recover the lost files on my old HDD (which is where we started!)

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